About AIRO

AIRO is a byproduct of abiding in the heart of God. The vision behind AIRO is based on John 15:2, and we exist to lift people up, raise people up, and elevate people from the unfruitful areas of their lives. Anything hanging down needs lifting up so when we see someone that is unfruitful, we are lifting that unfruitful part up, we're blessing it, we're making sure it has an anointing on it, and we say, "This is what God is going to do in you". There is an understanding of Scripture, an understanding of the nature of God, an understanding of what the Kingdom is really like, and an understanding of what it means to live from Heaven to earth. We know that everything is about promise, everything is about blessing, everything is about growth, and everything is about fruitfulness because that is what God is after.


So, allow AIRO to be the match that ignites the flame to share your own relationship with Jesus and to elevate everyone around you with the "Truth" that lives inside you! 


Pinnacle Scripture and understanding of "AIRO" 

In John 15, Jesus said "I am the true vine, and My Father is the vinedresser. Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit He takes away;" "Takes away" in the greek is the word airo. The word airo means to raise up, to elevate, and to lift up into a higher place. When a branch is not bearing fruit it's usually because it is hanging down too low, and sap can only rise to the highest level. So, the part that's hanging down, Jesus wants to lift it up so that life can begin to flow from the trunk (Jesus) right to the very tip of the branch because He wants fruitfulness to come.